Hey the blog!!

I hope everything is fine with you, and now I'm including the readers of my blog too. Hehe. =)
I'm not that fine, actually, very cold now, and my throat is bad too. It's summer break tomorrow and I don't wanna be sick NOW!!! Fuck!
But It's bigger problems in the world than MY cold... I know that... Therefore I don't wanna complain so much now. :p

Yeah, as I said- It's summer break TOMORROW!!! :D It will be a very very great summer, I think. It feels like I will do much this summer, actually.
Like go to Lysekil with Amanda (dad is a coach for a team there, and he has been that for 2 years, 3 years if you count with this summer) and it will be SO nice! Cause Amanda is that pleasant, sweet and really nice girl too! <3
And I will already also go to Halmstad tomorrow, actually. My dad's new woman have a small cottage there. It will be pretty nice too, I think and I hope so!
And then I'll maybe go to Stockholm to my uncle Nicklas with my mom and little brother. I really want to do that! And a lot of other things like bath and tanning! ;)

I wrote this update in english as you see, maybe? ;) Haha :P
You can translate it with google translate if you want to, darlings!

C ya all soon, I hope so in all cases!
Kiss and hug.


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